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Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Consultant Bethany Reul has over 13 years of client weight loss success and health coaching. Bethany's passion for helping people frustrated with their weight came out of her own experience of "yo-yo dieting" and "crash" diets that left her feeling lost and discouraged. 

That is when she shifted her focus to personal training to become better educated in shaping the healthy body she wanted to achieve. But what was most important to Bethany, it would need to be a mainstay in her life. 

After many years of research, education, and working with hundreds of clients (including herself) Bethany had found that each person has a "primary" body type which affects how they metabolize food - crucial for weight loss success.  

Bethany then perfected a training method that applied easy and healthy meal planning and progressive exercise specific to the client's body type and fitness goals in order to maximize results.  And this became known as the B Powerful Training & Meal Planning system.

"It's my passion helping women feel better about themselves by seeing them accomplish goals they never thought were possible."

Bethany Reul

Certified Personal Trainer

Holistic Nutrition, Certified

Sports Nutrition & Athletic Conditioning, Certified

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